B2B Businesses

Cost-Efficient B2B Credit Card Processing

Helping business-to-business companies save even more in credit card processing fees.

Credit card use is on the rise in the B2B sector. Industry data shows that “small-business credit card purchase volume is set to balloon from $493 billion in 2017 to $686 billion in 2022.” And that’s not even counting credit card use in larger corporations.

Accepting credit cards could also help your sales, as cardholders tend to spend 12 to 18% more when using credit cards instead of cash.

And as a B2B company, you qualify for lower credit card processing rates thanks to level II and level III data processing.

This is where we can help.

Joker Payments uses secure gateways, which can get level II and level III rates on business cards. We automatically fill the data fields required to process level II and level III transactions, so you can enjoy the lower rates that come with these data levels. Our processing also integrates with Quickbooks and Authorize.net which works with many software and website solutions.

Not only that, but with Joker Payments’ pricing, you can lower your business’ payment processing fees even more. Our clients save an average of 40% on credit card processing expenses, with most businesses lowering their payment processing costs by 400+ a month.

Get in touch with our payment specialists today. We’d love to help your B2B company find the right credit card processing solution.


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