Cost-Effective Credit Card Processing for Retailers

Lower your payment processing fees by hundreds per month

If you’re a retailer, accepting credit cards is a no-brainer. The majority of consumers — 80% according to recent data — prefer to use credit and debit cards when paying for retail purchases.

As convenient as they are, though, credit card processing comes with a price. The higher your processing volume, the more you’re paying in fees.

This is where Joker Payments comes in.

With Joker Payments, you get access to the lowest credit card processing rates (i.e., the interchange fees) without the bloat of tons of additional fees.

We won’t hike up your rates even if your processing volume goes up, which means you keep more of your profits and have more funds to put back in your business. With Joker Payments, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant credit card processing fees. Instead, you can focus on investing in your business and improving the customer experience.

Get in touch with the Joker payments team today. We can look at your current merchant statement or proposal, then recommend ways to save.


Contact us to see how much you will save. 859-554-0003

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