Credit Card Processing for Lodging and Campgrounds

Does your company book lodging in person and online? Save hundreds a month in payment processing with Joker Payments.

As a company that is booking lodging, nearly 95% of your revenue is likely generated through your website. Each transaction could be worth quite a bit of revenue if the booking is for several days of a customer’s stay, so it’s important to keep your credit card processing fees low.

Joker Payments can not only lower your per transaction costs, but also eliminate extranious fees to keep your monthly expenses to a minimum. That helps your lodging company invest in better service and better lodging rather than spending revenue in processing costs.

Joker Payments also takes their service a step further than other processors. We are not only a processor, but web developers. We do not send clients to a third party company in order to integrate with your company’s website. We set everything up in-house. That means better customer service and better rates for you.

Get in touch with us today — we’d love to discuss your lodging payment processing system to see if we’re a good fit.


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