Credit Card Processing for E-commerce Websites

Have an e-commerce website?
Save hundreds a month in payment processing with Joker Payments.

E-commerce is now shaping the future of the retail industry. Nearly every company in America is either selling online or looking to the future in order to sell products and services online. Accepting credit cards is an absolute must as a consideration when building an e-commerce store becuase 100% of the transactions will be made through a merchant services provider.

This is where we can help.

Joker Payments uses secure gateways and integrations to incorporate our payment processing system into your website. With our plugin that directly installs on your website (such as WooCommerce by WordPress), we can have your company accepting payments in just a few hours. We also utilize the number one secure service for integrating online applications, So, it’s highly likely we have a solution for you.

Most payment processors charge a premium amount for e-commerce websites because the transactions are considered “card not present” therefore high risk. Joker payments is different. We review your e-commerce credit card processing, then provide you with the best possible rates with the least amount of fees.

We go a step even further.

Joker payments is only one service that our parent company Joker Business Solutions provides. We are also a web development and design company. We can not only provide the best credit card rates, but we can build and maintain your e-commerce website completely in-house. There is no third party company involved with the setup of our services. We are your single provider of e-commerce services.

Get in touch with our specialists today. We’d love to help your company find the right e-commerce solution.


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